Diana Ovchar

Full name: Diana Ovchar
Language level: B2
Portfolio: https://disk.yandex.com/i/nYq2HQfr5BbvcA

Link to an Instagram account: _arthelune_

Telegram nickname: @diana_ovchar

Price range: Up to $800

Profession and experience


1. Landing (single-page website) — from 600 $;
2. Multi-page website — from 1500 $;
3. Online store — from 1200 $.
The prices are approximate and agreed with the customer individually, it all depends on the project and its complexity.

Profession and experience

Work experience — 3 months. During the course on design, the following works were completed: a website for a photographer, a redesign og a guide for a blogger, a website for an online store, packaging of an English course, including a checklist, a guide and a website.


  • At the first stage, we sign a contract. We discuss all the details of the project, your wishes and ideas of how the future site should look like. I analyze your competitors (their pros and cons).
  • Then I am developing a prototype of the site based on all the collected data. I create a eye-catching design, but functional and understandablefor users. I am sending and coordinating with you a prototype of the site.
  • If everything suits you, I start the layout on the Tilde. I adapt the site for all devices. I’m setting up the animation and the necessary codes.
  • Next, I send the site for approval with you. I make edits if necessary.
  • After the final approval, I connect the domain, mailing lists, payment systems.
  • At the end, I give you a ready-to-work website.
  • You also have the opportunity to get site support from me for a month.


A creative and functional website, the design of which will increase the conversion rate by 2 times. Depending on the customer’s image and/or increase sales of goods and services.
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