Kate Pronchak

Full name: Kate Pronchak
Language level: В1
Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/f74e8fdc

Link to an Instagram account: kpronchak

Telegram nickname: @hhhhhhhush

Price range: Up to $500

Profession and experience


Prepayment — 50%. • Landing page design from 200 $ • Landing page on Tilda (design+layout) from 300 $ • Design of a multi-page website from 300 $ • Multi-page website (design+layout) from 400 $ • Design of an online store from 400 $ • Online store (design+layout) from 500 $

Profession and experience

I’m engaged in full-fledged website development, including analysis of the target audience and competitors, creation of a prototype and design, animation and adaptation, layout, connection of banks and mailings to Tilda, test and launch.

I pack information products: design of e-mail newsletters, presentations for webinars, checklists and guides, Telegram channel icons, etc.

Every year I go through several trainings in different directions, improving my skills.


1. Brief and analytics
We conduct an interview, then I find out details of the project, research competitors and target audience, form ideas for the project.

2. Prototype and design
I am developing a prototype of a website taking into account user experience (UX), after approval I am developing a visual design concept (UI).

3. Layout and launch
When the design is approved, I start creating a website on Tilda. I develop animation and adaptation, connect forms and services, and also perform basic seo setup. We test the site for errors and launch it.


The result of the work done will be:
• A new stylized brand that can be transferred and adapted to any social networks.
• Increase sales and conversions.
• Automation of the workflow and statistics collection.
• Improving the image and advantages among competitors.
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