Vicky Tori

Full name: Vicky Tori
Language level: B2

Link to an Instagram account: tori.viii

Telegram nickname: @Viki_torii

Price range: Up to $800

Profession and experience


  • landing 'all inclusive'- from 250 $;
  • online shop without identics 'all inclusive'- from 500 $,
  • online shop with identics’all inclusive'- from 700 $

Profession and experience

  • I have succefully finished the website design course from @nioly.
  • During the course I have been doing all my homeworks with a great pleasure.
  • I’ve made a full packing for infoproduct- online shop, checklist and guide.
  • At the moment I am working on 2 projects: creating an online shop for a construction and repair company in Seattle and creating a website for a marketing agency.
  • I have a 4 year experience working on graphical editor- figma.
  • Also I have working experience with Adobe Photoshop, Tilda and Adobe Illustrator.


I have one service packet 'all inclusive' it includes: competitors analysys, brand reserching and analitics, from reserching I form the main principals of the company and create visual and semantic product’s prototype, then I create examples of product’s design: choose options like shifts, color style and other design elements. After that I adapt product’s design for needed format. Finally I create adaptive website for all needed devices which let the user fast and effective interact with the product. Then if necesary I attach the domain, also I attach the payment system and additional services for data collecting.


At the exit, the client receives the product that he originally intended.
From me there will be corrections from a professional point of view and a cool product.
And besides, it’s easy to work with me, as I appreciate the time and opinion of my clients.
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