Iudina Ekaterina

Full name: Iudina Ekaterina
Language level: B1
Portfolio: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/n8_9DpGygBY1hw

Link to an Instagram account: katrinrey1

Telegram nickname: @katrinrey1

Price range: Up to $500

Profession and experience


  • Development and layout of a one-page site (landing):
— from standard blocks with simple animation: $ 150 and a review;
— from Zero-blocks with more complex animation: $ 200 and a review.

  • Make up a site on Tilda: $ 80, if the design is not mine, and a review.
  • Redesign of the layout of an existing site: $ 150 and a review. Layout is paid separately.
  • Development of a multi-page site: $ 300 + Tilda layout $ 100.
3 edits at the design development stage are free, 4 or more — $ 30 each.

Advance payment of 50%, and 50% after the completion of the design before the transfer of the layout. The term of work depends on the amount of work. One page landing — 2 weeks. Multi-page site — 1−3 months.

Profession and experience

I came into the field of design 10 years ago when I went to classes at an art school. I became interested in the field of web design 8 months ago. For the last 3 months I have been intensively studying at Designers. Mastered the Figma program and the Tilda platform. Have basic knowledge of Adobe design and Illustrator programs. Also, my training did not end there, I continue to practice my skills and learn new things, I am going to the PRO course.


At the very beginning, a brand analysis will be carried out, all available resources will be checked. It is necessary to conduct a brief about what kind of work is needed, for what, etc. questions.

After setting the customer’s priorities and transferring the prepayment, I select design mockups to approve the style of work. This will take 2−3 days, after the style is approved, I start creating a design layout (5−6 days), after developing the design, you need to agree on it, make changes if there are any shortcomings.

After the design is approved, the layout will last 4−5 days. After that, you need to pay the rest and get a site on Tilda.


The whole process will be coordinated with the customer. Brand and competitor analysis will be carried out. Together with the customer, we select the concept of the site, the style. After that, a unique design layout of the site will be developed. With the help of design, you can increase the recognition of your personal brand by making a convenient and high-quality website. Layout will also be done on the Tilda platform.
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