Nika Volobueva

Full name: Nika Volobueva
Language level: В2

Link to an Instagram account: nika_volna

Telegram nickname: @Nika_Volna

Price range: Up to $300

Profession and experience


I agree to provide my designer services at the following payment:
Presentation 10 $/page
Guide / Checklist 15 $/page
Tracker 15 $
Landing page design 150 $
The design of the main page of the site 130 $
Interior page design 100 $
Development of prototypes 140 $
Creating an adaptive version of the design (if there is a PC version) 120 $

Profession and experience

Thanks to the training I have completed, I am familiar with the composition, typography, and coloring necessary for working as a designer. I can provide services for designing presentations, checklists, trackers, and websites. Now I am working on my portfolio to gain experience.


I will conduct a preliminary study of all the information that will be necessary to start working on the project. After that, we will interview with the customer to find out his positioning and what result he expects from the project. Next, I will analyze the information received and formalize a few ideas on how to implement the project. At this stage, I will create a mood board and agree with the customer on the style and concept of the future project. After completing these steps, I will start working on the project itself.


The final project that I have worked on will be easy to use, informative, and visually pleasing. I will do my best to make the design individual, match the personal brand and meet all the customer’s requirements.
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